Saturday, August 29, 2009


It's more then skin deep.
The guys from miami is awesome.
Someone lend me money please, lol.

Anyone want to watch Bandslam? :)

Monday, August 24, 2009


So, ytd which was saturday.
Celebrate Yx's piao eh birthday. I'll just summarise.
-Head off to orchard ion.
-Dined at xing wang cafe.
-Nicotin-ed, slack.
-Shan's gf & co came.
-Roamed the town, decided not to catch a movie.
-Nicotine, slack, crapped, cam-whored. Made new friends though.
-Cabbed back to pasir ris, bought beers & alcohol.
-Drink, smoke, chit-chat.
-Yao rong & co came.
-Alex & julia left.
-After a loooong delay, decided to head off to elias lan.
-Jenson stupid stories sent our spine chilling.
-Shan & his gf left.
-We lan till around 6am. >.<
-Breakfast at elias, slacked, crapped, had a little sparring session.
HOME SWEET HOME at around 10am. -.-
Dead beat.
& crashed with such a nice cooling weather.
But fun day. :)

Some peektures.

Xialan,Guailan,Laolan - the birdday boy.

LOL @ Alex.

A proper one.

Say hi to this depressed guy.

Quite blur though. But yeah. :)
When all hope is gone.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Happy birdday & to Lian jie & Tiansheng too.
Siao lian eh 18 years old very hiang meh?
You wait 2 more months i also 18 alr so dont step. hahaha.
So.. please grow up okeh. 18 years old know how to think alr.
I think fri you sure mati, saturday steamboat okeh & got drink we are making sure you're going down man.
but drinks your treat okeh your birdday leh.
At least open 3 bottles. ^^
& we'll dump you on the streets at the end of the day. hahahaha.
Today, mahjong is cui cui cui.
Only win 1 pathetic round, alex kope all my gold coin lao turban.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy times.

Blogger is so stupid, layout sucks like stupid idk what.
No colours, no photos, no video. So dull.

Today is sunday which i thought is saturday.
Alright, so.. planned to watch a movie todayae with long time friends that haven met up since 1990's.(just a phrase k) expand my vocabulary lol.
It's really suprising i slept so early ytd, 1am(it's early for me) & woke up at 9am++. Quite proud actually lol, comp-ed comp-ed comped dragged dragged dragged until like 4pm.
All gathered which include Shannon, Yx, Denise, Jessie, Cheryl & GX OMFG IT'S GX no doubt hahaha he mia boy. Off for movieee. Watched UP, was okay lah. i want to watch Where got ghost leh. Who haven watch, & want to watchhhhh. Then dinner > Alex came > shan hse for MJ > HSH. To sum it up, today was a fufilling day. Alot of stupid jokes & laughters. I hope we can meet up once in a while when's everyone free. Really appriciate this friendship, it's been a long way back. :)

I would love to post a video i encountered while bloghopping, but bloger's a bitch.
Next time soon.

As the world is spinning, everything changes.
Screw this society kau bodoh.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Don't cha.

Finally can post video ah, this is so fucking funny. HAHAHA.
Watch & laugh like a cheenaaaaaaa.

Edison chen look alike. HAHAHAHA.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Happy bird-day to singapore!

Nothing much to post.

Life had been bullshit anyway.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Weird, for the past few days i've been having so much dreams while i'm sleeping. It never happen before for so many consecutive days. I dreamt i've been caught smoking by my mother. Caught by the police for possession of drugs and has to go in sit & alot more i can hardly recall. May dreams be the direct opposite of reality, tolong ah lol.

Today is tuesday, quite a fun day. :)
Sneezing like hell, who the fuck is missing me. lol jeez.

a million tears for you, oo oh oo oh~
Dj Alan in the houseeeeee!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Very hungry now, & no idea what to post.
I think i shall go running & gyming more often, stamina sucks like holyshit.
Okay, go cook maggie eat.

well this feels like high school
but nothing's new
every other boys trys talking to you
guess graduating changes nothing at all.

The friday night boys - high school