Thursday, January 29, 2009


What`s up, folks.
I`m posting with my lousy shitass computer which only enables me to go bloghopping, surfing the net and posting which i`m on to it right now. i`m deprived of games, badly.
Without games, suprisingly i turned to reading storybook. Don`t laugh, no joke. A goddamn 700 hundred of thick pages which i read in the middle of the night like 3am till 5 plus in the morning. i`m going nocturnal, sleeping only when kids are getting ready for schl and the sun rises. hahaha.

The book :

Underworld : Rise Of The Lycans.
Anyone wanna watch? :)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

No computer. =(

I have no computer currently = no updates. HAHAHA. =(


Monday, January 19, 2009


Ah, boring life nowadays.
So, i prolly would be taking private o`s this year. Oh well, studying the same old shit all over again. Cos my stupidity of not studying when i have the chance. BOOOOOOOOOOO BAHHHHHHHH BOOOOOOOOO BORINGGGGGGGG. Wait for me guys, i`ll be joining you all at TP next year!

I realised i haven done a 2009 resolution for myself, so here goes.

1. Do well for private o`s, get into TP and make my mum grin until her mouth ache for days.
2. Get a suitable part-time job right now to handle some of my education fees as well as spend money lah.
3. A laptop of my own.
4. gain more fatssssss.
5. Complete more tattoos.
6. Learn the guitairs and drums, start a rock bandddddd.
7. Everyone to be happy, world peace and screw terrorists. :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Dedications before doomsday .

Gonna post a short dedications to my friends before like 1o hours away from the nervous-wrecking results day. Goddamn it.

Alex yap ah yap :
What`s up man, you this no hair boy. Got to know you only during secondary schl even we are in the same primary schl. No good points to write about you leh LOL. Okay lah, A good friend who can confide in when you have problems, chek. Stop being also thicked-faced and keep saying you are handsome, fit, or whatever that can come out of your mouth. Get your fucking love life back and track, settle on ONE girl. Hopefully is the one you been wanting to have lah. lolol. Train hard on your dotA skills baby!

Tan guo xin aka HB :
Guo xin ah guo xin, stop flirting around and ogle at pretty girls that walks by man. Known you for such a long time since primary schl, never fails to disturb me fucker. Getting more handsome ah boy! From a big belly to such flat belly without the six pecs of course. LOL. You also settle down one one girl lah, fickle-minded shit. Also thanks for your stupid actions and words that sometimes made me laugh like shit. :)

Yanxiang pornstar! :
OMG YX. What can i say about you, became close only in seondary 5 huh. You are such a joker man, haha. Super horny bastard sia you, Cut down on what you are watching dude. Don`t step pro in dotA lah, you bloody NOOB shit. Train more man, HAHA. Apple bottom jing jing !

Darryl oh merlion :
Darryl ah, Also gotten close only this year. Not bad ah, slimed down alot man, wee-u-weet.
From a fat boy to a Not-so-fat-boy. HAHA. Viper pro alr ah, sat sat ah, don`t step ah. LOL. You better don`t go and S___e i tell you or else i whack your candy ass.

Philbert mallet boy :
Philbert, from last year till now you are growing up fast man. Septum piercing siol, chek. Don`t puff too much, later die earlier then me. lol.

Christian the three headed wolf :
Christian, what a rebellious kid you are huh. At least you toned down alot and get matured with your thinking alr. A smart kid who can pass without studying, thanks for teaching me maths sometimes at class and the encouraging. Really appreciated it, although you sometimes always suan me lah, fucker. Faster get your debts over and done with and go tattooing with me!

Weiji the gangster :
Weiji ah, knew this fucker since secondary 2. Wanted to be big in PRCS huh weiji, haha. you made it. A good friend, thanks for bringing me to mickal that time. Stop getting into fights alr lah. lol.

Shannon Gayboy :
What`s up man shanny. You this gayboy, lol. Smoke smoke smoke, smoke until you die lah. Miss those old times huh, bloody cockster and you are still now. Haha, brush up your skills and beat yx but not me, HAHA, you know what i meant. Cheers, fellow blink 182 fan!

Now, Other friends.

Weimin : Yo, weimin. thanks for the endless encouraging for the 0 lvls dude. Stop trashing me in pudge war, Bloody hell. Keep in touch bro.

Michelle the kp one : Yo, thanks for alot of things lah. Lazy list out, lol. And can you please stop and quit smoking cos i find girls smoking very.. you know.. yeah. -.-

Yanhong pui eh : Pui eh, kpkp leh you everytime. lol. Take good care of kayden, i`ll visit him someday!

Joan aks : Joan, known you for quite a long time too huh. Still remember you said i very dao last time. -.- lol, All the best man, keep in touch.

Denise Tan : Yo, liverpool loser. MAN UNITED ROCKS. Lol, okay lah. Chelsea losers. Smart kiddo, Keep up the work and be a dentist in the future. Kbox soon!

Cheryl Lua: hmm, not very close with you huh. Well, all the best in everything and keep up the passion for dance!

Adelyn : Hey, All the best for your future and everything!

Beverley : Beverley, we were really close in the past huh. well, all the best to you alright.

Joyna jidan : Yo kiddo, faithul follower of jesus. Really glad you gotten your life on the right track, in the past you were the slacking type. Haha, i`ll be awaiting your wedding dinner invitation with nikki!

Nikki feng! : Sup dude, a past rebellious kid to a matured fine young guy huh. All the best to your future dude.

Christine : Long time no see huh, all the best yeah. haha.

Jaena toh : Hey bimbo, Stop acting decent infront of jesus. HAHA. Joking, all the best to you.

Ah-Boon : Army liao, song bo. haha, dont step your ang kong lah fucker, wait for mine.

Wei yang : Pui eh, hopefully you can pass your o lvls man.

Ce xi : Soccer kaki since primary schl, keep up the soccer passion .

Let me know if i left you out. :)

All the best to fellow O lvlers tmr!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

S`pore first tattoo show.

Anyone planning to go? :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The black parade is DEAD!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I ran into her yesterday, while strolling around pasir ris central. i guess she did not saw me, where a wall was seperating us while walking in different directions like some drama serial scenes. Well, afterwhich i can`t help but to think of her. While my friends are chatting and blabbering away their nonsense alas i kept slient, oblivious to the surroundings just thoughts of her in my mind. Long journey in the bus, putting on my earpiece, listening to songs, staring out of the glass panel, and just thinking of her. Sometimes imagining the puff that comes out of my mouth each time forms a image of her. And of course the nights where i can`t get to sleep, lying on bed in addition with the thoughts of her. Alas, it is just a one sided love-crush-affair, me being the fool .

Friday, January 2, 2009

So long goodbye 2008,

Okay, so offically my first post.
Blogging seems fun actually.

So, 2 days ago 2008 was determined over and extinct.
2008 was not the best year i had, probably the most awful year ever.
Pulling through secondary 5 was a hell of a lifetime. Although looking back now, time past really fast.
Graduating from secondary school, missing those good old times with friends esp when we were in secondary 2 and 3.
Still remembered the looks of teachers esp mr razak when we were all sporting botak haircut. Long hair canot, short also canot. lol.

Right, so countdown at DTE was the same still atmosphere was great.
Dined at darryl`s hse which his dad cooked, afterwhich head down to DTE.
Familiar faces seen everywhere, went into the D`marquee and performances after performances by various artists.
Of course Gary chaw has the most screams from fans. After that, countdown! welcome 2009 !
Then the DJ hit the music, first song was YAN XIANG number one single , Featuring low! Apple bottom jing jing. LOL. So, dancing was great. Suprisingly, Denise and Cheryl joined in the dancing too. Loud thumping music filled the atmosphere, Everybody was singing the lyrics when the DJ stopped the music. Dont cha wish your girlfriend was "HOT LIKE ME!" Everyone was having fun esp yx and philbert. Saw quite a number of dance battle too, stupid bangala`s dancing their ali baba dance while the kiao tor`s proceed with their sleek dancing and shuffling.

Once again, happy new year and 2009 to everyone. =)


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Michelle's here.

&yes, second post.
Skinnyone! Your blog is done! :D

Michelle :D